District Sound Lab is a recording studio in Bethesda, MD that provides professional production, recording, mixing, and mastering of hip hop, dance music, RnB and pop. It is owned and operated by accomplished head engineer Calin Enache, who has worked with hundreds of artists from the DC area and all over the world. Our studio features a fully equipped space with a blend of state of the art analog and digital gear. Unique to the DC area, we have a custom built vocal room featuring tube traps, as used by Michael Jackson and other top artists. 

District Sound Lab is all around a unique studio. Unlike other studios, we focus on specific genres because those the kinds of music we feel passionate about. Unlike almost any other studio, the owner is actually the head engineer, which results in a much more efficient environment. We are a single room studio, so you are always working in the best room, with the best equipment, with the best engineer. All of our sessions are 100% absolutely private and by appointment only. We provide a laid back, creative environment to work in while getting things done quickly and efficiently. And above all else, we always strive to provide world class sound quality for modern music. There is a reason why our clients keep coming back: no one else has our vibe, work ethic, and sound.


  • Recording
  • Mixing 
  • Mastering
  • Production
  • Voice Overs

Please contact us at 202.525.0990 or info@districtsoundlab.com for rates.

Please read our Booking and Cancellation Policies.