"I produce under the name Grey Goon, have a band called Champagne Fever, and compose music for web and TV ads. I've worked on a variety of projects with Calin at DSL. The dude is obsessed with making things sound good. Seriously one of the more passionate people I know. The gear is all top notch and he's got the skills to put it to good use. His skill set and drive are going to get him on the top tier mixers list. Get in on the ground floor when y'all can."


”I've been to every damn near every studio in the DMV and District Sound Lab is hands down the best, by quite a margin. The best sound quality, the best mixing, the best vibe. You can't beat it. Wouldn't go anywhere else.”


“I have worked with District Sound Lab a few times now and my experience has been great. Not only do they have professional range equipment to bring your track to the music industry standard, Calin works with you to make sure you are satisfied. I would highly recommend it.”


“Talk about bang for your buck! District Sound lab is a high end recording studio that specializes in rap and hip hop, but can do pretty much anything else you want. I recorded my bands EP there and it came out great. The price really cant be beat. To find a studio with that type of equipment (U87, API EQ, UA Compressor)and expertise with a much lower price than comparable studios is a dream come true. Calin, the Owner and sound engineer is super easy to work with, and knows what he is doing.”


“District Sound Lab is my go to studio. Outstanding mixing and mastering services as well as top of the line equipment for recording.  Great atmosphere and ambiance. Calin is very helpful,knowledgable, and has a unique ear for the music which has helped in the creation of my experimental rap album. If you are looking for great quality work in the DMV I would highly recommend District Sound Lab.” 


”The most official studio in the DMV area that been to. The engineer Calin has the top of the line equipment and knows how to use it to the fullest. This is the place to go if you want to compete in the music industry.”

–A K. 

”Calin is simply the guy to go to for a great quality sound. He's always my first choice. From the very first time I saw everything inside DSL I got a professional vibe from both Calin and the equipment. The work speaks for itself as everything I record with Calin comes out completely A1. Don't sell yourself short and pay for the sound you really deserve at the right price. Forget all these other overpriced/under qualified studios. 17 more stars if I could for DSL.”


”District Sound Lab is as professional as they come. When I first spoke with Calin, he was entirely understanding of me as an individual and an artist plus extremely patient with actually learning my sound for the best methods of developing it with each recording. He takes personal care with your specific needs coupled with his expertise and is always responsive during and outside of sessions. This will be my permanent studio for as far as I can vision in my foreseeable future.”


”This place is great. Calin is extremely professional. His studio is top notch and has all kinds of gear that contribute towards producing a quality final product. His skills in the studio are exemplary and he's easy to work with.  Highly recommended, regardless of whether you are a new artist or established.”


”I've worked with Calin at District Sound Lab on many occasions with lessons on a variety of software and production techniques, as well as watching him work with other musicians in and out of the studio.  This is also a wonderful place to go for recording with a beautiful arsenal of professional equipment that is operated very efficiently. Most certainly will return again and again.”


”A studio with state of the art equipment run by experts. I would definitely recommend it.”


”I worked with District Sound Lab numerous times and I only got the best to say about their services. They are very professional and the pricing is more than fair. They did some phenomenal recording and mastering on my production. I will continue to use them in the future. Ask for Calin, he is the man!”


”Perfect Studio for Indie Recording Artists or if you want to get into production yourself. Calin works with you to help get that sound you are looking for!”


”All of the latest gear, everything you need to complete your recording project.   Professional and enjoyable atmosphere. Highly recommend.”


”District Sound Lab is as good as it gets for indie artist in the area! The equipment is professional grade, the pricing is affordable, and the owner/producer (Calin Enache) has an amazing amount of knowledge about mixing/mastering and how to make your music sound radio ready! Iv'e been using District Sound Lab for the past two years to record my albums and I have no complaints. I highly recommend District Sound Lab to any artist in the area who is serious about their music.”


"District Sound Lab is the best studio in the DMV area. The equipment is top notch and the engineer knows what he is doing coming from a producer/rappers standpoint. In addition, the engineer is capable of mixing down the track exactly how you wish. Calin (the owner/engineer) makes your material sound legit and professional. Best studio in the area hands down!"


Absolutely PROFESSIONAL. District Sound Lab's owner/producer Calin is amazing!!! great time management, fair rates, good expertise and master equipment. Calin is DOPE! You can trust him with you project and look forward to nothing but the best!


"The best studio in the DMV hands down the sound is crispy clear and the environment is very welcoming I've went to all the recording studios and none of them came close to District Sound Lab."


"district sound lab is the only place I go to son, Calin is the man. Tons of top quality gear, and he definitely has a feel for the vibe I'm going for, gets my stuff sounding great every time. Homies need to stop sleeping on this place for sure"


"Been here a bunch of times to record and mix. Super dope creative environment. Calin always comes through in the clutch whenever I need a mix and it comes out real professional sounding. Drums always sound huge and vocals sound present and pro. Love the recent remodeling and new gear. Clean, professional, all around quality."


”I cannot express how happy I am with the decision to work with Didtrict Sound Lab. I am an up and coming R&B pop singer with a very unique voice and many other places kept on producing a very low quality sound for me. However, the sound engineer, Calin, took his time and produced everything exactly the way I wanted. The best thing about his studio is that the environment is very chill, Yet Calin professional with his efficiency as far as getting everything done. Although my EP is not yet released, I cannot tell you the number of people that are so impressed with the mixing of the project. Because of the quality alone, I am proud to share it with anyone, and for that I would recommend this service to anybody serious in music looking for a good studio! You will not be disappointed.”


"District Sound Lab is one of those places hard to come by in the DMV area. Great quality sound, A very clean environment , and pocket friendly when it comes to hourly rates. Calin is the Owner of the studio and he's also an amazing engineer. Whatever you need done he is your go to guy, Calin is experienced in many genre's and has a great ear for music. If your in the DMV and need studio time set up an appointment with DistrictSoundLab. One of the few places that are still doing it for the love of art."


”Calin is a very professional and top notch engineer.  He is willing to work hard to craft the perfect sound you desire.  The equipment is at the highest level as well as the knowledge behind them.  The price (which is unbelievably affordable) pushes DSL to the top of the list when it comes to studios in the DMV area.  If you're looking for a studio to record your next project,  I highly recommend Calin and District Sound Lab!”


“Calin and his team at District Sound Lab are consummate professionals. Whether you are coming in to the learn the basics of production or for high quality sound engineering and mastering, they have you covered. District sound lab offers a hands on approach to all genres of music. I have no problem recommending District Sound Lab to any of my friends and colleagues. You will not be disappointed.”


“As Good As it Get's hands down!!!! If your looking for the best in the DMV then look no further. Very professional, very creative and they will make your ideas come to life better then you could dreamed of. I love this spot!!!”


“After the first couple songs I had a really good feeling I would be working with these guys for an extended period of time... That feeling was correct. I've done business with the owner for over 3 years now, and I've never regretted it. District Sound Lab is incredibly professional, I can't stress this enough. I've cut vocals for Grammy award winning musicians under the meticulous eye of District Sound Lab's staff and not once has a client of mine been disappointed. I would strongly suggest that anybody looking for a studio in this area contact them for a session to experience the product quality. They work very hard to ensure that you walk away with something remarkable. Proof of their perfectionist work mentality. District Sound Lab is legit. Through and through.”


”Calin knows whats up. Great guy and engineer, has my mixes sounding dank as hell every time. Tons of equipment and gear, really chill atmosphere. Also great rates per hour.”


”One of the best recording studios I have been to period! Completely professional, the audio quality is on par with some of today's biggest tracks and ridiculously affordable. Make the call!”


”My band has recorded vocals and mastered our album at this studio. It is top notch. We were very happy with the results and couldn't believe how amazing the vocals sounded. I've worked and recorded at major commercial studios and the sounds coming out of District Sound Lab are on par with any studio I've been to.  It is a first class studio in a small space. I'd recommend it for all types of music. Oh, and you can't beat the prices and flexibility. If you go to the studio tell them Ramtin sent you. You will thank me after you hear your music coming through the speakers.” 


”District Sound Lab is a one of a kind studio in the DC area. The gear is truly pro level, the knowledge and experience are on point, and the staff and environment are super chill... Plus, it is actually affordable! Most other studios are either way too expensive, or the sound quality is sub par, or the staff are really not cool. This place really has all three.. They really got it right. To give you an idea, we used a Neumann U87 in their amazing new vocal booth through a Great River pre and into Apogee Symphony i/o converters. After some compression and very light EQ, it came out sounding incredible. Calin works really fast and was very helpful throughout. He even gave me a discount! Highly recommended.”


”Never have I come across a studio that has the level of professionalism that DSL has. This is is both in terms of the its engineer as well as the equipment that the studio has.  Vintage hardware, the latest plug ins, and an incredible vocal booth. I've been very lucky to have found this place and I seriously urge anyone with any audio related aspirations to use this studio as a resource.  The rates for the studio are unbelievable for what you're getting.”


”Awesome studio with pro equipment. Run by a talented dude who gets it!”


"Yo the best studio in the DMV hands down!!!!!!! They know how to get the professional sound the people want to hear. I won't go any where else, and you shouldn't either!!!!!!!!"


    "Dope studio ! The rest of the studios I been to in the DMV was pretty much bullshit. Guess they forgot how important mixing and mastering was. But this stu has a great mix & master im more than pleased with."

    –LEE JON

    "Great service without a doubt one of the best producers/engineers in the DMV. Has a great equipment and good ear for music. Wouldn't go anywhere else !"


    "I've been working with Calin on a few tracks now and it's been an incredibly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I never leave the studio feeling like I haven't made a huge leap in progress and every song ends up clean and fat. Calin is a great guy who's easy to work with and more than qualified/knowledgable as an engineer. Five stars, would recommend to anyone trying to get professional quality sound in their music."


    "Studio is beyond dope . Using the Neumann U87 mic when I rap and the Manley mic for my singing vocals have definately gave my music a great sound. Rates are also a huge plus! Best in DMV"


    "Great studio, great engineer, great quality. Thumbs up!"