District Sound Lab is an elite recording facility in Bethesda, MD that provides professional production, recording, mixing, and mastering. Our focus is on cutting edge sound quality, productivity, privacy, and vibe. We provide our clients with a totally private environment that inspires and nurtures creativity. This is why we consistently work with some of the DC Area's most successful artists, including Lightshow, Chaz French, Shy Glizzy, Goldlink, Premo Rice and many more. Regardless of the artist or project, we are totally dedicated to delivering the highest possible sound quality and studio experience. 

District Sound Lab features a fully equipped space with a blend of state of the art analog and digital gear. We spared no expense in our gear selection and have some of the most amazing audio tools in the world, including a wide assortment of vintage analog gear, such as vintage Neve 1073s, 31105s and 33609, vintage Teletronix LA2A, vintage Urei 1176 blue stripe, vintage Tube Tech CL1A, vintage Sontec and Pultec EQs, and much more. Our Amphion Two18 monitors and BaseOne25 subs provide the most detailed and well-translating monitoring available today. Absolutely unique to the DC area, we have a custom built vocal room featuring an array of tube traps, as used by Michael Jackson and other world class artists. 

District Sound Lab is a unique studio in the DMV. Our focus is and has always been hip hop, RnB, pop and electronic music because these are the kinds of music we feel passionate about. Unlike almost any other studio, District Sound Lab's owner is actually the head engineer. We are a single room studio, so you are always working in the best room, with the best equipment, with the best engineer. All of our sessions are 100% absolutely private and by appointment only. We provide a laid back, creative environment to work in while getting things done quickly and efficiently. And above all else, we always strive to provide world class sound quality for modern music. There is a reason why our clients keep coming back: no one else has our vibe, work ethic, and sound.


  • Recording
  • Mixing 
  • Mastering
  • Production
  • Voice Overs

Please contact us at 202.525.0990 or info@districtsoundlab.com for rates.

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